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Gurgaon, The Studio-Cum-Service Apartments 

The responsibilities of day to day life chores like housecleaning, cooking, changing a bulb can be formidable task in itself in an alien city. So managing a job and doing housework becomes tedious work especially when it takes most of your time and sleep in the weekends. This is where service apartments is filling the gap by providing array of service in-house and 24 by 7 which are making them popular among the expats or foreign nationals. The existing service apartments in gurgaon are already full and high in demand by customers. So, Developers are coming with new projects related with service apartments in a new way in Gurgaon. For investor or end user who is interested in getting high return income, investing in service apartments in Gurgaon can be excellent opportunity. With rising popularity of service apartments evolving as a living preference among the NRI’s or Expats, as this will assured the investors to reap higher returns for their investment. Also, investing in serviced apartments in Gurgaon does not mean that you have to live in them. You can put them on rent particularly during the tourist season or tie ups with MNC’s or can give on rent to an expats therefore it makes a lot of sense to invest in service apartments in gurgaon. 

Snapshot of Studio Cum Service Apartments in Gurgaon


Studio Cum Service Projects in Gurgaon


Under Construction Projects of Service Apartments in Gurgaon

    Project Demands in Gurgaon

    ♦ Newly Launched Project : 20%   ♦ Under Construction Project : 30%   ♦ Resale Projects : 50%

    Different Stages of Service Apartments



    Price Range of Service Apartments

    Major Benefits of Investing in Service Apartments in Gurgaon

    Service apartments in Gurgaon are fast becoming hotbed for real estate investment, with as much as 13-18 % annual yield on property, against 9-12 % in the commercial office space in Gurgaon. Developers in Gurgaon are now targeting the NRI, Expats and even domestic investor to invest in service apartments in Gurgaon as this segment provides both capital value appreciation and rental returns. Serviced apartments are fully furnished studio of 1 to 2 BHK (bedroom, hall and kitchen) apartments, with the amenities managed by the service operator. The construction cost for service apartment is higher than bare shell residential apartment. Usually, it is on a similarity with a 5 star hotel, in terms of amenities such as meeting rooms, housekeeping, swimming pools and gyms. Service apartments in Gurgaon is gaining fame for their facilities and services it provides. Service apartments in Gurgaon give them full safety, a sense of freedom and effective service as they expect in their living rooms.

    As our economy is expanding, more and more NRI, Expats would prefer to stay in service apartments in gurgaon. Currently, there is a huge demand supply disparity in serviced apartments in Gurgaon. Service apartment are providing to be good investment opportunity for small investor looking for immediate returns as there are better than costly hotels for seeking accommodation for extended period or business tours or tourist. Service apartments in gurgaon segment offers ultra-luxury lifestyle, services and great prospects for investors who look for both rental income and extra benefits. Currently, this segment is receiving a lot of interest from Non-resident Indians and high net worth individuals. Many multinational companies big corporates houses, fortune 500 companies are doing tie ups with developers for the serviced apartments in gurgaon. Many Gurgaon-based developers are launching new projects to offer Studio-Cum-Service Apartments in gurgaon like M3M, Ireo etc.  

    Crucial Checks Before Investing in Service Apartments in Gurgaon


    For investment in service apartments in gurgaon, location is an important aspect to get high number of customers. Although, be cautious when you select the locality for your investment in service apartments in gurgaon. The service apartment should be centrally located in a residential area, should avoid investing near commercial building and focus on investing in those service apartments in gurgaon which are located in less crowded and claustrophobic areas.


    Before investing in service apartment one must make sure the amenities the builder is providing with project as end user choose to stay in these kinds of apartments only because it comes with a certain number of amenities which include like Wi-Fi Service, equipped kitchens, Security / Fire Alarm, Fitness Centre / Gym ,Spas etc. For investors planning to invest in such type of service apartments in gurgaon, it is important to include these facilities if you want to attract more customers.

    Developer's Track Record

    The first and the most important thing is that the potential investor should find out the project developer’s reliability, past completed projects, execution and timely delivery record. As big developer will have better resources at their disposal and will have superior execution capabilities. Before investing in service apartment one must check all the aspect of the project, developer and sourrounding infrastructure around the project .

    Top New Service Apartments in Gurgaon

    M3M Royal Regalia

    ♦ LocationSector – 67, Gurgaon
    ♦ TypeService Apartments
    ♦ PlansCLP
    ♦ Area17 Acres
    ♦ Price1.06 Cr to 1.18 Cr

    Ascott Ireo city

    ♦ LocationSector-59, Gurgaon
    ♦ TypeService Apartment
    ♦ PlansCLP
    ♦ Area5 Acres
    ♦ Price1.91 Crs to 3 Crs

    Baani Center Point

    ♦ LocationSector – 80, Gurgaon
    ♦ TypeService Apartment
    ♦ PlansPLP
    ♦ Area2.68 Acres
    ♦ Price36.36 Lacs to 1.06 Cr

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