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Average Quarertly Price Trends for Apartments in Gurgaon

    ♦ Newly Launch Project:20%   ♦ Under Construction Project:30%   ♦ Near Completion Projects:50%

    Residential Projects in Gurgaon

    Two Decade ago Gurgaon was farmland; you couldn’t even get a cup of coffee around here. Now farmers with land in outskirts of Gurgaon are selling their small parcels of land to developers to develop residential projects for amount beyond prior imagining. Gurgaon has caught the fancy of the majority of the builders in India. The overall developments in terms of connectivity and facilities have propped up the residential projects in Gurgaon, which ranges from reasonable to high end residential projects, high-rise apartments to low-rise villas, huge penthouses to studio apartments and service apartments. All the development in the last ten years has made Gurgaon into one of the finest places to own a residential property and commercial property, not only in Delhi NCR, but across the country. The demand for residential projects in Gurgaon is so buoyant from end users and investors that the prices have appreciated by almost 60% to 70 % in the last one year. Within the projects the developer has been constructing integrated township in the new outskirt areas of Gurgaon. The residential projects in New Gurgaon that been built by top developers have all the top class facilities; social infrastructure likes schools and hospitals and shopping malls and restaurant etc.


    The returns in the residential Projects are 4% to 6% and in commercial spaces it is 9% to 12 %. Capital values are lower for residential projects so they represent small investments as compare to commercial projects in Gurgaon. To calculate the value of a residential project, you can calculate by taking the rent collected of a completed project within the vicinity of the area and dividing it by the capitalization rate. Capital appreciation can also be estimated by those residential projects which are in the close proximity of workplace, factories and shopping malls and locality with high aspiration value. The biggest advantage in Gurgaon lies in the massive jobs opportunity available within a 20 km radius. There are a large number of people working with well-paid jobs having professional backgrounds and investing their saving into residential projects in Gurgaon every year. The demand also comes from investor with surplus money and who want a second residential property, either for long term saving or for renting out. NRIs also create demand by investing large amount of their saving in residential projects in Gurgaon. In several high-end complexes, multinational companies invest in projects in Gurgaon which are ready for possession for their Top management or Expats.


    Let us help you find the New Residential Projects in Gurgaon

    M3M Latitude

    ♦ LocationSector – 65, Gurgaon
    ♦ TypeResidential Flats
    ♦ PlansCLP,DP,SS
    ♦ Area2 Acres
    ♦ Price2 Cr to 3 Cr


    Spaze, Privy

    ♦ LocationSector – 93, Gurgaon
    ♦ TypeResidential Flats
    ♦ PlansCLP, DP
    ♦ Area12 Acres
    ♦ Price80 Lakhs to 2 Cr

    IREO Gurgaon Hills

    ♦ LocationGwal Pahari, Gurgaon
    ♦ TypeResidential Flats
    ♦ PlansCLP,DP,SS
    ♦ Area15 Acres
    ♦ Price5.24 Cr to 12 Cr