Plots in Gurgaon: Rich Yields on Investment

Plots in Gurgaon: Rich Yields on Investment

Once a small farming village located near south Delhi, Gurgaon has played the role of a sheet anchor in the development of Haryana in the last two decades. As New Delhi reached the saturation point in sense of property development because of paucity of vacant plot this has led to the benefit of Gurgaon, as it became the hub for offices, industries which led to extensive growth for housing in the region. Most of the People in Delhi have lived in bungalows and in joint family system so, most of them sold their properties due to family arrangement and shifted their base to Gurgaon. As land price was low in Gurgaon most of them bought plots in Gurgaon and constructed their house on them. The plots in Gurgaon grabbed the attention of all because of the city’s proximity to Delhi, IGI airport and presence of huge office space, which hosts a number of big corporate houses with residential bungalows springing nearby has promoted the culture of ‘walk-to-work’ leading to construction of more residential house in Gurgaon.

Major Benefits of Investing in Plots in Gurgaon

The demand for plots is showing a upward trajectory and supply is limited which has the led the investors to suburbs in Gurgaon .The suburbs in gurgaon infrastructure wise is still under development but once the metro projects get completed the prices of the plot will rise exponentially. So many investor and end user are investing in plots for long term and will reap benefits once the metro is full connected. Many developers like DLF, IREO, Emaar MGF, BPTP etc are holding huge land bank in suburbs in Gurgaon. Some of them have started launching new plots in Gurgaon to put up the rising demand. Consequently, the value of real estate is rising every day. The result of India’s rising economy is noticeable everywhere, with people demanding to better & luxury homes.

Major Benefits of Investing in Plots in Gurgaon

It has never been easier to buy plots in Gurgaon surrounded by posh locations such as Huda Sectors, DLF Gurgaon, South City, MGF Emerald Plots, Ireo Plots, Sushant Lok, Malibu Town, Nirvana Country, Vipul World, Suncity, Uppal South End, Palam Vihar, MG Road, Golf Course Road, Golf Course Ext. Road, Sohna Road, Dwarka Expressway and South Peripheral Road. As a real estate company we are catering to all the needs and requirements of our customers under one roof – be it the sale, purchase of plots or investment in properties etc. Realty Group provides an ideal option for those looking to buy plot in Gurgaon. Realty Group also deals in original Booking of new plots launch by developers like DLF, BPTP, Sobha and Ansal, MGF & Ireo.

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Snapshot of Plots Rates in Gurgaon


Demand for Plot in DLF Phase 1


Demand for Plot in Sushant Lok

Vastu and Plots

Triangular Plot

Extremely rare, as per Vastu triangular plots should always be avoided as they create problems in all aspects of life. These plots have three sides and corner makes an angle of 45°. Don’t buy or invest in such plots, as this cause much trouble for the people living in the house or residents of such buildings developed on such plots are always in trouble.  


Square Plots

Plots with the same length and breadth are called square plots. These plots are prosperous, very lucky and invite happiness into one’s life. As these plots are rare to find, you can build room in the same proportions. Even if your plot is not square, you can make your rooms square and reap the benefits.

Rectangular Plots

Plots longer in length and shorter in width plus with 90° angle are called Rectangular Plots. This brings more fortunes and riches to the residents. But, the length should be in the proper ratio of 2:1 to width. If the length is more than twice the width, then plots are not auspicious, as there will be imbalance of Cosmic Energy in the plot.

Top Plots in Gurgaon

Residential Plot for Sale of 270 Sq Yd @ ₹ 37,000 Per Sq Yard, East Facing Plot in Sohna Road in Gurgaon.

 Plot in Gurgaon
 Sohna Road
 270 Sq Yd 


Residential Plots of Ireo City Plots of 240 -1000 Sq Yd for Sale @ ₹2.9 cr – ₹12 cr, Sector – 60 in Gurgaon.

 Plot in Gurgaon
 Sector 60
 240 – 1,000 Sq Yd 


Residential Plot for Sale of 316 Sq Yd @ ₹ 1,40,000 Per Sq Yard, East Facing Plot in DLF Phase 3 in Gurgaon.

 Plot in Gurgaon
 DLF Phase 3
 316 Sq Yd 



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