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Specialised Nri Services

Aditya consultant is a specialised property management company situated in Gurgaon. Our core focused is to cater to the NRI Investors by providing an effective management strategy to achieve our client’s goal. Started in 2005 in Delhi/ NCR, we have a dynamic team in property management services with great reputation amongst NRI’s and people staying outside India. We provide broad property management services that basically satisfy all the need to generate maximum returns from the  client’s investments in Real Estate in Gurgaon.

We have an experience team of professional for property management dedicated just for providing exclusive service to our NRI clients. We are catering to the needs and want of the NRIs who basically want to invest in apartment in gurgaon or wants professional services to manage their property in gurgaon from the comfort of their couch.

The Solution

The company is engaged in providing exquisite quality property management solutions that comprises of documentation, property survey, rent deposits to your bank account, inventory checklists, inspections, renovation services, commercial cleaning, response maintenance, providing architectural designs and tenant services in Delhi ncr. At Aditya Consultant, we provide a specialist property legal and consulting service such as expert guidance from professionals, tailor-made lease agreements, property resolution and protection of property rights.

We place a strong emphasis on communication with property-owners and their tenants and deliver innovative property management solutions, whilst ensuring efficient delivery of the essentials of property management of rent collection, Cash deposits hence continuance of agreement.

Property Management Services

Aditya consultant in Gurgaon provides a range of customized services to cater to the various investor related needs. In the complex world of property development and investment, in order to make correct decisions it is vital to have access to precise information from various expert professionals in different fields. Our dedicated team comprises of highly experienced, diverse, professional experts, valuers and consultants who have in-depth knowledge of property dynamics in Gurgaon and knows the ground reality which transcends the limited and conditional knowledge of international property consultants.

Here’s how we keep NRI clients happy :

 We have dedicated department of specialist consultants and an exceptional research service ensure that the advice we provide you with is accurate, honest and based on a real depth of knowledge have professional and a dedicated team to deal with problems that may arise during the occupancy.

 We will property you periodic valuation & development report. Working across all residential or commercial property asset types, the team caters for all administrative, compliance requirements and ensures that reports are generated efficiently and to a set timetable.

 We will also provide you the comprehensive reports about neighborhood developments or news related to change in any local government policies or any other news related to builder for your property concern. Our focus will be to give you maximum information regarding your concerned property in Gurgaon.

 We will visit your under construction site periodically at least 4 times in a year. We will email you the snapshots & videos of your Under Construction Site.

Renovation Management Services

Renovating a property is a maddening enough process in Delhi Ncr especially place like Gurgaon. So, at Adityaconsulatant we have tie-ups with architects, designers and contractors in gurgaon. Once you give us your property details & renovation budget we will email you the details of the following:

 Take competitive bids from architects ,designers & contractors and consult with you to obtain your approval prior to any such construction.

 Help in obtaining necessary local permission as we will coordinate & supervise the work.

 We will also be purchasing necessary material required for the construction, keep inventory register and constantly updating of the level of construction etc.

 We will visit your under construction site periodically at least 4 times in a year. We will email you the snapshots & videos of your Under Construction Site.

Tenant Management Services

We take the hassle out of residential tenancy management so, Nri property owners will receive an exceptional level of service, 365 days a year. We provide specialized tenancy management services to property-owners for a fixed fee, while delivering outstanding service. We believes that when it comes to commercial & retail property management activities, the connections you make between the tenants & the property-owner are critical to the returns of the said property. We strive to provide superior services that result in tenant satisfaction that stimulates prompt rental payments, increased tenant referrals, & a lower tenant turnover.Our goal is to keep everyone happy and that means tenants as well as property owners. It’s our job to make sure the tenants, are looked after promptly, professionally & in a friendly way.

Here’s how we keep tenants happy :

 We have professional and a dedicated team to deal with problems that may arise during the occupancy

 Our emergency helpline is open 24/7, which will help you to solve with all issues, big or small in a timely you can be sure we’ll be there for all tenants when you need us most.

 We have in-house contractors to resolve any maintenance problems quickly and at market prices.

 A specialized service that treats tenants with esteem, pride and integrity.

Let us Help you Find the Perfect Property in Gurgaon for you.