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Single-handedly you can achieve very little but together we can do much.

Aditya Consultant’s Investor Club is a unique club which is helping end user or investors buy residential projects at discounted value by using the power of group buying. We assist end user or investors to buy residential property in gurgaon, by engaging prospective developers on a case-to-case basis, with a focus on providing superior returns to investors and helping them save 15 to 20% on the property. We believe in providing right & correct data and not just the raw information. Through our experience and in-depth local market knowledge of Gurgaon we offer the retail investors a well-thought-out & strategically approach for investment opportunities in the real estate property.

We provide a full range of professional advisory services across all types of residential property to satisfy the different needs of both the retail and investor clients. Our team offers tailored property advice as per the investor’s plans, risk appetite, assets intrinsic values and growth potential. We understand that every investor’s has different requirements and needs so, our core objective is to design investment strategies and devise budget accordingly for their investment in residential property. In terms of primary development, our teams evaluates the property on fundamentals like locality potential, compare rentals with other projects,  connectivity, planned social infrastructure, financial and execution capabilities of the developer, history and other deliverables etc. On the basis of this research we suggest our clients all the pros and cons of the assets and present it in most transparent and logical manner resulting in efficient & smart decision for the long term perspective.

Why Investor Club

Everybody likes a good bargain. Call it the Indian psyche, but we are a bunch of bargain hunters and an extra something always makes us happy.

Investor Club is a platform that brings a group of likeminded consumers come together and use the old rule of thumb – buying power i.e. there’s power in numbers to leverage the group size in exchange for higher discounts in buying new residential projects from the developer.

We are experienced professional who will help educate you through the investor property maze.

Investor Club is a win-win proposition as end user buy at a lower price, developers are able to sell their inventory on a bulk basis.

Information for these services would normally come at a price, sometimes a very hefty one but Adityaconsultant is basically filling the gap by just charging .5% commission from the investor as its main aim is to provide personalise expertise by helping you to find perfect apartment.

To become a member investor must agree to abide by our Club policies & principles.This means that you will be dealing with professionals with one goal i.e. to look after your needs.

Bulk Discount

Transparent Deal

Full Service Support

Zero Membership Fees

Become a member in 3 easy steps

The process begins when you contact us by email, phone or by visiting our office located at  SCO# 310 ,3rd floor Sector – 29 , Behind Plazzio Hotel Gurgaon – 122002.

After setting up an appointment, there are couple of meeting’s planned where we have a discussion about your project requirements , Investment range & criteria etc then at the second meeting  we will share details about the project, status, current price etc that will suits your needs and budget.

After the approval of  the property, based on the projects we have shown you we will contact the builder  and negotiate the price not just for you but for many similar individuals who also wants the same deal.

And the final step our team will get in touch with you to get the booking done at the discounted price.

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