Builder Floor in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, The Mega Metropolis City

Gurgaon, the once quaint village in the adjoining areas of Delhi, now has caught the eye of builder thanks to the hordes of investor flocking this area for value appreciation and at the same time budget priced builder floor in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is the preferred destination of selection for real estate investments both by investors and end user. With the central and south Delhi being tagged with an unaffordable price, Gurgaon has become the sensible and favoured alternative of housing investment in Delhi Ncr Region.  As Gurgaon allowed registration of independent floor, the market showed huge demand for builder floor in Gurgaon. Habitually, people living in Delhi are used to living in independent bungalows rather than high rise apartment buildings. Therefore, builder floor in Gurgaon have been rather popular among end users, as they are more fond towards bungalow style apartments. If your are a investor who have lived all his life in bungalows and don’t like to live in an apartment in a high rise tower then builder floor in Gurgaon is the ideal answer for you

Builder Floor in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, The Mega Metropolis City

A builder floor in Gurgaon is a separate floor in a low-rise independent building that has a few other floors. Depending upon the builder to builder the floor may vary but usually there are building a three to four level high independent floor over medium sized residential plot and then selling each of the floors to end users is gaining fast popularity in the Gurgaon as well as Delhi. The builder floors in Gurgaon can be constructed either by reputed builder whose forte and expertise in building these type of independent floor in Gurgaon or property owners himself can develop the floor or it could be the joint venture between property land owner and builder. Usually from past experience builder put the investment for the construction of the floors while the title-holder chip in land.The cost of builder floors are inherently higher as they cater to high end customers who prefer to enjoy better amenities and privacy at a higher cost. The cost of builder floors in Gurgaon is intrinsically is on the higher side as they cater to niche buyer who wish to enjoy better facilities and privacy at a higher cost. The high rise residential apartments cater to the middle class buyer who is constraint due to his budget and is looking for a ready to move in option.

Builder Floor in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, The Mega Metropolis City

The key unique selling proposition of builder floor is that the end user’s aspiration aspect to live in a particular life style while paying just for a single floor rather than the whole place. Therefore, the price point plays important role for more demand towards the builder floor rather than the villas. The builder floor also brings in privacy, less claustrophobic and lavishness of an entire floor plus it involves lower maintenance fees and other charges commonly applicable in high rise apartment. Investing in a builder floor also give you an advantage to choose your locality and location of the house depending upon your budget whereas in high rise apartment you don’t get such option. Tying up with land owner or house owners for developing builder floor can work out to be a great deal for buyers as you get the flexibility in construction, design, and materials depending upon your choice. There is a better prospect for friends or like minded folks getting together and buying all the floors of the building so as to have a separate community that will not be bothered by outsiders as it happens in high rise apartments. Moreover, the ROI and demand is more of a builder floor as there is a many buyers who will be ready to buy a single floor rather than shell out huge sum for the whole bungalow.

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      Crucial Checks Before Investing in Builder Floor in Gurgaon

      Builder - Quality & Execution.

      The first and utmost important point the end user must check the past projects of the builder. The builder floor must have a completion certificate & occupancy certificate issued by the authority to show that the said builder floor doesn’t violate any regulations. Also get a property evaluator to certify that the construction quality is not below par. Verify the current market rates & the circle rate set by the local authority.

      Due Diligence

      After the completion of the first step than is to check all the paper work is complete an in order. An end user should check the title of the said property with the registrar office or individually verified at the local court of that particular area. Also should check the FAR is within the prescribed limit and construction done by the builder should not violate any municipal norm, including restrictions on construction and land use.

      Common Issues

      While investing in builder floor in Gurgaon, one must make sure that the said builder floor has separate electricity & water connections for every individual floor to avoid any disputes in future. If you are buying a builder floor in resale than you must check that property owner has cleared all municipal, water and power dues. Need to check for seepage, paint work, flooring, doors, plumbing, electrical, window frames & grills etc.

      Top Builder Floor in Gurgaon

      Casa Lure Luxury Independent Builder Floor in DLF-4 on First Floor East facing Plot On 12 Mts. wide Road with High-End Specifications.

       Builder Floor
       DLF Phase 4
       ₹ 2.9 Cr 
       360 Sq ft


      Elegantly Designed Luxury Brand New Independent Builder Floor on First Floor in DLF Phase 3 with Comforts of Modern Day Living.

       Builder Floor
       DLF Phase 3
       ₹ 2.75 Cr 
       500 Sq ft


      Ultra Luxury Brilliantly Constructed Independent Builder Floor on Ground Floor in Sushant Lok with all Latest Fixture and Fittings.

       Builder Floor
       Sushant Lok
       ₹ 1.9 Cr 
       300 Sq ft


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