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Founded in 2005, AdityaConsultant have been in business for over ten years in Gurgaon and one of the leading real estate company in Gurgaon with a portfolio of residential and commercial units across Delhi ncr.

Welcome to Aditya Consultant Real Estate Company in Gurgaon

Aditya Consultant Real Estate Company in Gurgaon has been a Pioneer in the fields of Buying, Selling and Leasing Property in Gurgaon. Real Estate Sector in Gurgaon has seen such a tremendous growth in terms of development and infrastructure. Real Estate sector in Gurgaon has carved a niche segment which appeared unimaginable a decade ago. Both the Residential Projects and commercial projects have seen equivalent rise in its values. Our Real Estate Company has played an important role in the booming real estate market of Gurgaon,by making sure end user invests in his dream house.

At Aditya Consultant we do everything differently we help connect investor through our 24 by 7 online dedicated team which help buyer to take a smart and correct decision regarding their investments in Real estate. In comparison to other real estate site we provide widest range of Real Estate Investment options in Residential Projects, Commercial Projects, Assured Returned Property and Builder Floor property in Gurgaon.

At Aditya consultant in gurgaon we pride our self on doing everything differently.

Property Dealers in Gurgaon is very unorganised and fragmented market though Adityaconsultant is a very professional and trustworthy real estate company in Gurgaon by providing very comprehensive gamut of consultancy services like buying, selling, renting, leasing of residential and commercial property in Gurgaon. AdityaConsultant also pride itself for quality and professionalism of services that we provide to all clients of ours. In current scenario, real estate has given better return than any other asset class and it is the number one priority of every Indian to invest in properties.

Aditya consultant in Gurgaon is giving marvellous opportunity to everyone to make investments in property through our Investor Club which gives the bargaining power to the buyer. Since our inception, we have been catering specific needs & requirements of our esteemed clients. We support our clients with comprehensive range of asset management & consulting services intended to help our clients to get the best from their property initiatives. Our dynamic team have great reputation amongst investors in Gurgaon. Therefore, customer-orientation are well anchored in our corporate culture.

We are modern service company in gurgaon which fortifies its effectiveness with comprehensive quality management and innovative offers in the interest of its customers. As we understand the Indian property market very well and we understand what our clients’ needs.  We have a very diverse portfolio of projects, long and short term investments as well as high end luxury properties. We have our real-estate office in Gurgaon. Come by for a visit and we can help you find the perfect property.  If you are planning to buy or sell residential or commercial property in Gurgaon call us and we will assist you.

Our Core Values



At aditya consultant, we have Integrity as a core value of our company which creates the foundation for our business in Gurgaon. Our commitment & communication about property investments, cost structure, risks and payment terms is very much clear to our clients. Aditya consultant in Gurgaon emphasis is only on two things i.e. clear communication and building long lasting relationships with the clients in which integrity play the primary part in our company. Our actions always reflect our commitment to earned client satisfaction.


Our key is the highly dedicated and hardworking employees. We turn the tasks of our clients into our own which wins the hearts and minds of our clients in Gurgaon. Currently, our focused and presence is in local market i.e. Gurgaon and Delhi as we understand local needs and have built strong network within the local organization.


We strive for the highest ethical standards with our employees, clients, developer, contractor and government. Holistic growth requires you to seek to earn the respect of all stakeholders in the property market in Gurgaon. Our client trusts us to get exponential return on their investment. They trust us to keep their private data confidential. They trust us to recommend the right property and solutions for their investments needs. They trust to manage their application process completely, correctly and as swiftly as possible. That is why we have to earn that trust every day by behaving ethically and holding ourselves accountable for the decisions we make and actions we take.

This Is My Startup

My personal devotion to my career in real estate and to my clients makes me a first rate agent to buyers and sellers. I have been in the real estate industry in Gurgaon for over 10 year’s have put all my integrity, ethics, allegiance, commitment and hard work into AdityaConsultant. I treat my clients as if they were family and most importantly I bring a positive “can do” attitude to the table.

What We Offer

Our Vision is to be the region’s top real-estate company i.e. providing services for brokerage, leasing, sales auction, property management and advisory services in other words we want to be renowned and trusted above all our contenders as a result of continuously striving in different areas to find customer oriented solutions for our clients.

Our Mission is to enlighten the investor with the precise information for their investment deals.

We support our clients with comprehensive range of asset management & consulting services intended to help our clients to get the best from their property initiatives. Therefore, customer-orientation are well anchored in our corporate culture.

  • Negotiating 80%
  • Advertising 75%
  • Customer orientation 95%

Buying Properties in Gurgaon.

Our colossal of databank makes it exceptionally easy for investors and buyers in real-estate to explore, compare and select among a profusion of Gurgaon based properties, in absolutely no time at all. That’s about as stress-free as it can get.

Renting – Properties in Gurgaon.

We have the most comprehensive range of properties for rent whether you are looking for residential apartments, residential house, villas, commercial office or showroom of your liking at different locations in Gurgaon.

Selling or Renting-out your Property in Guragon.

Looking to Sell or rent-out your property in Gurgaon. Instantly reaches millions of potential real estate buyers and renters in Gurgaon by posting it at for free and also we advertise your property in Gurgaon through our network to get maximum response for you listing.

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